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VI is a powerful and light Unix text editor, although is considerably difficult to start using it and grasp all the features that you could use to improve your productivity.

VI has two modes called insertion and command mode. Every time you start working with VI the command mode is where it begins, in this mode navigation through the file, text or line deletion, pasting, searching and other features are available, through the use of commands. The insertion mode starts when an insertion or change command is used, and gives us the ability to start entering text. …

This guide will give you a solid base to start working with git, or a reference for the experienced developers.

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Git created by Linus Torvalds in 2005 is one of the most popular distributed version-control systems used nowadays. Git helps us to create and maintain repositories, get track of versions and enable comparison between them, and help to manage changes made to the different files in the repositories; which maintains accountability and promotes collaboration among developers.

Setting a repository

It’s recommended that first of all you assign a username and email.

$ git config --global <name>
$ git config --global <email>

There a three different ways to start a new repository:

  • From scratch
  • From an existing project in your local machine

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